Police probe coniston business blaze blamed on dog

Police probe coniston business blaze blamed on dog

Dogs may play a role in the latest dog-inflicted blaze that has left nine people dead and another 65 injured.

Emergency services are searching for two black Staffordshire Bull Terriers believed to have been involved in the fire which occurred in the town of Derry at about 6.40am on Sunday.

Derry fire service spokesman Stephen O’Connor said several people suffered severe smoke inhalation w카니발 카지노hile the dogs were running around the house.

He added that people who lived or lived in nearby houses were urged to stay indoors because of smoke inhalation levels.

The force have b슬롯 머신een alerted to the incident from the Derry Fire Brigade.

There is now ongoing police enquiries into the cause of the blaze.

In the early hours of Sunday, dozens of volunteers from around the county had gathered on Lough Beag Road at O’Connor Street to assist people in a search and rescue operation.

Some 1,000 people have made emergency calls to the Northern Ireland Fire Service since the blaze began about 8.30am.

Dozens more fire officers and volunteers are continuing the search of Derry for those affected.

More than 100 people were treated at nearby hospitals.

A fire service spokesman said: “Thankfully the two dogs were found in the same area and are well and safe.

“There is still a very active search operation underway to find those involved in the fire as well as those who may have been in the house at the time of the fire.

“We do believe they are related but, due to their behaviour, there is a risk that they may still have their owners around.

“At this time we do not have a timeframe or estimated damage.”

‘Very angry’

Fireworks exploded as the blaze broke out in nearby Aberystwyth, while others went off in nearby Derry.

The fire was also reported across the border in Ulster, with residents returning to their homes to find smoke billowing into the sky from their windows, reports reported.

The incident comes after a similar blaze d슬롯 머신estroyed a house in Portadown in December.

A statement released by the Fire and Rescue Service described how the area was in the process of being evacuated after the incident.

A member of the public spotted the blaze at about 9.25am and reported it to the fire service.

A number of officers later went out and extinguished the blaze within three minute

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